f m ' l a t g h o r

RVA sound artist & game dev (hacker), Leo Coogan. Runs Neer Games. Email: leocoogan [at] tutanota.com.




I am on an endless quest for knowledge and understanding where I have reached the conclusion that nothing is real. Therefore I must embrace this false reality. Meaning is discerned from actions, words are symbols for actions and ideas which in turn are symbols for actions. Nothing has inherent value, we give it value through our actions. The ultimate truth is there is no truth.

This is my manifesto, the culmination of my existence, my dharma, commandment by God. I give love to all, negating unrequited compassion, diving into the cesspool of the unexpected in hopes of achieving enlightenment, though expecting nothing in return. Yielding patience for anything that could arise from the mundane or complex.